I’’m Gonna Quit My Job Before the Stress Kills Me!

First, know that you’re not the only person that feels like this.  A majority of people in the workforce feel this way and are overwhelmed by the confusion of how to get rid of the stress they’re living with. Many of us have begun to believe that quitting a job is the only answer to eliminating our stress.

Secondly, the answer to eliminating this stress isn’t necessarily to quit your job.  Work on your personal feelings first.  Figure out WHY you feel the way you do about your job and begin to understand why you are reacting so strongly.   Only YOU can choose to begin living life differently. Quitting job ideas aren’t the first thing you should be thinking about. Think about the entire direction of your life first.


I’ve been through this process multiple times, and finally have come to the understanding that a lot of the stress I’ve endured over the years was truly unnecessary.  I was simply so confused that I didn’t know which way to go.  Had I dealt with some of my own lack of ability in dealing with work-place stress, my story could have been entirely different and the health issues I began to suffer with would never have begun in the first place.  Granted, some of the jobs I’ve worked truly DID …suck (for lack of a better word).  Those jobs are the kind you need to eliminate as quickly as possible.  No job is worth being miserable every day but first you must determine whether it’s really the job or is it just your inability to DEAL with the job.  On the other hand, some of the jobs I’ve worked in over the years could have been very rewarding and fulfilling had I been able to deal with the stress and drama on a daily basis.  At the time, I didn’t have the skills or the maturity of knowing where to begin in addressing the issues.  Had I known then what I know now, I may not have quit some of those jobs.  I may have been able to change my perspective and been able to flourish in the environments I found myself in rather than quitting my job.  I hope some of what I say throughout this site can help you grasp the possibility of taking a different path for your future. Help yourself by growing within before you decide if it’s necessary to change your job.

Throughout our lives many of us (possibly MOST of us) are not taught how to deal with uncomfortable or stressful events in our lives.  We weren’t given the tools and experiences to deal with the daily stresses of life and we begin to drown in our own inability to handle all of the daily crap that each of us deals with. We seem to lack the ability to determine when letting go is better than hanging on to something that’s hurting us.  The most important thing I can tell you this very minute is to calm down, breathe deeply (seriously, do it right now), and be open to what I can share with you.  We’re going to approach this from an angle that you’ve maybe not thought about because you’ve been too overwhelmed with your anxiety and stress to stop and get a good solid grasp on what’s going on inside of you.  I believe that you can begin to make changes in your choices and look back with no regrets. Learning about managing stress at work begins with learning more about yourself.

Before you can even begin to understand what’s going wrong in your life or work environment, you’re going to have to be calmer and more focused on the first, most important obstacle; YOU.  Start with the following techniques that I’ve become aware of and have used in my own journey to a happier life.  If you find yourself thinking that this is all pie-in-the-sky jibber jabber, then you may as well go back to being miserable every day.  I can’t help you and you can’t help yourself if you’re not going to be open to new possibilities.  Point blank; obviously whatever you’ve been trying so far hasn’t worked, right?  Don’t fail yourself again.  There IS an exciting future out there for you but… it’s hard work.  You are the only one that can make it happen. Don’t spend the rest of your life thinking you hate work when you can easily be happy in anything you choose to do.

Begin right now to change your frame of mind.  Start with this:

  1. Smile authentically – don’t fake it.  Seriously, try it this very second.  Be aware of how you feel emotionally this very moment and then smile.  Smile like you mean it, allow yourself a full-fledged smile.  Lift your cheeks, crinkle your eyes…yep, that’s it.  Now notice what that tiny effort did to your frame of mind.  The tension in your scalp, inside your brain, throughout your entire body diminished, didn’t it!  I know, it seems ridiculous to sit there looking at your computer screen and smiling at no one.
  2. What you need to realize from this is that at any single moment of your life, no matter how stressed, anxious, or sad you feel, you have the power to immediately control the physiological response within your body.  Try it again…amazing, isn’t it!  I know it seems too simple but sometimes it IS that easy to change your frame of mind.
  3. Upon waking tomorrow morning, instead of letting the dread of another work-day sink you like a rock before you even get out of bed, smile.  Start your day in charge of your perspective.  Control where your mind is allowed to take you.
  4. Arrive at work and DO NOT let yourself become anxious and dreadful.  YOU are going to control your frame of mind this entire day.  Smile at the first person you see.  If you don’t come across anyone, smile at yourself.
  5. Refrain from ANY negative talk amongst your co-workers.  Simply walk away or announce to them that today you’re only participating in positive conversation so “please leave me out of any gossip or negativity”.  If they insist on negative input in your space, quietly “smile” to yourself.  YOU are in control of how you feel, NOT your co-workers.
  6. Throughout your day, if you find yourself becoming stressed at work, be aware of what your face is doing.  Are you frowning, sagging, tensed up?  Immediately upon being aware of any of this, smile.
  7. Whether you think this is silly or not, I CHALLENGE you (or dirty-double-dog-dare-you) to give it ONE day and then reflect on the outcome of your day on your way home from work.  There is NO WAY that this could not have made a difference in your mental state at work.  Now that you’ve made this first simple step, please realize that there is so much more available to you to help you change your life.  We’re starting with baby steps here.  Imagine the possibilities that are to come once you learn more.  Be well my friend, and stop by tomorrow to continue our journey together.

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