I Hate My Job

Many of us have had this thought cross our minds on a regular basis, followed immediately by the desperate feeling of believing we can’t do anything to change our situation. If you’ are trapped on the merry-go-round of “I hate work”, ““I’’m quitting my job”, “I CAN’’T quit my job””, “I want to quit my job” then there i’s good news ahead. Grab a relaxing beverage and settle in for some easy reading. I think you’ will leave with a new perspective on your predicament and some ideas to help you decide what to do if you hate your job. Just to get things in perspective, I’ve added this short video. Be sure your job is as awful as you think it is before you start making plans to quit…

Does your job suck as bad as this poor guy’s job? Is it demoralizing, holds no potential for personal growth, or doesn’t teach you any marketable skills for your future benefit? Certainly people aren’t mocking you and posting your work day on YouTube, are they? Although this is entertaining for us to watch, if your job is making you feel like a hamster locked in a plastic box with no way out, it is probably time for a wake up call.


You’ are not alone in your misery. As lonely and frightened as you may be, knowing that you’’re not the only person on the earth that feels like this should be a little comforting. The majority of the people I ha’ve met in my life have felt this way at some point; too many feel this way throughout their entire working life and that’’s a reality you do no’t want to find yourself in. There’s a big difference between thinking “I hate work” and “I hate my job”. Figure out which one applies to you. With focus and dedication on determining why you feel this way, you will soon discover how to make the changes necessary to create the life you long for. Your current job isn’’t something that you have to accept as a miserable fact of existence. The days of constantly repeating “I really hate my job” or “I hate my life” are numbered after today. Changing your perception of your life WILL bring you to a better place. Only you can determine the progress you wi’ll make on changing your life; – you’ are the one that will have to do the hard work.


Searching yourself to come up with answers to your problems is painful and time-consuming, that i’s why we continue returning to that job we detest;  it’’s easier to work each day in misery at our jobs than working at developing ourselves as individuals and taking responsibility for our choices. Sometimes we find ourselves whining and complaining about our job and, turns out, the problem may not be the job. Maybe the problem has something to do with you, maybe it doesn’’t. Be open to examining the possibility that simply changing your attitude could solve many of your problems. ‘‘Nuff harping on you, let’’s get down to it.


I’ have been where you are. I grew to hate my job and the people I worked with. Years of stressing over how I could change the situation I was in about killed me. I did everything in my power to change what I could for the better, yet each struggle would reinforce for me that I hated my job. The day finally came when I threw in the towel; I’ had reached the point of no return and did no’t feel that there was any other option.

I was feeling depressed and hurting, both physically and mentally, from the constant stress. At one point, I was so anxious to find the answers to my situation that I actually typed into a search engine ““God, please help me””. This took place about 5 or 6 years ago and I truly felt like an idiot! Just realizing that I was that far gone was a HUGE wake-up call for me. I was afraid of what my life was becoming; all of this over a stupid job? Are you to this point yet? If not, do something before it gets this bad!


I need you to know that there are other options out there; they begin with YOU. I can look back at 30 years now and know the mistakes I made. I can clearly see the alternative choices I could have made. At the time, I did no’t have the information to guide me. I hope I can help you before you are to the point of no return. Your life doesn’’t have to be this difficult!

Through some seriously hard work on myself and learning to make choices for the right reasons, my life is a gift now; truly happy and fulfilling! Begin your change today. The information supplied on this site should help get you on your way.  Choose a post or a category that best suits your situation and participate in making the changes in your life that you’re seeking.

Here’s an interesting, simple challenge for you.  I hope you’ll try it.

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